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Delrin inserts for ECGC-65E /ECGC-65A roller stones


Note: Please make sure the measurements given in the image below description matches the measurements of your existing part before you place the order. CocoaTown is not responsible for the wrong parts ordered.

Under normal conditions the processing time is 1 week. If you need urgently, please contact us and we will expedite your order.

We ship to countries around the world that are permitted by the US government. To estimate duties & taxes click here.



These delrin inserts are designed to fit ECGC-65A/ECGC-65E roller stones for the new machines bought after 2018 from CocoaTown. It is sold as a set of 4 inserts to fit 2 roller stones. Each roller stone needs 2 delrin inserts. Please watch our youtube video to learn how to change the delrin inserts.

The older machines (sold before 2017) had delrin inserts with outer diameter of 32 mm. The units sold after 2017 have delrin inserts with outer diameter 50 mm. Sometimes, people buy used machines and hence we want to confirm which inserts the customers need and they order the correct part.

Delrin is a food grade material and durable.

Note: Please contact us if you need more help. CocoaTown is not responsible for the wrong parts ordered.


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