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Cylinderical roller stone assembly ECGC-12SLTA


Under normal conditions the processing time is 2-3 weeks. If you need urgently, please contact us and we will expedite your order.

Wiper Assembly: Delrin Wiper Assembly

  • Delrin Wiper Assembly
  • SS Wiper Assembly



Some of our customers are using the melanger for other than grinding cocoa nibs. So we have introduced cylindrical roller stone assembly for ECGC-12SL / SLTA units. This cylindrical roller stone assembly includes 2 cylindrical roller stones, delrin wiper assembly or stainless steel roller holder assembly.

Cost -US$150 + S&H ( with Delrin Wiper Assembly).
Cost- US$200 + S&H (with SS Wiper Assembly).


Additional Information

Weight6 lbs
Wiper AssemblyDelrin Wiper Assembly, SS Wiper Assembly