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Location: 108 Oak Street Suite B, Roswell GA 30075 USA.

Mar. 2018

Have you ever wanted to start your own chocolate business? Do you want to perfect your chocolate making skills? Learn how to make chocolate from bean to bar with CocoaTown’s Bean to Bar Workshop.

We will have more details once the logistics are finalized.

Now you have an opportunity to participate and learn Bean to Bar in an intensive hands-on workshop in India. Nov. 20 -23, 2017. Participants will also visit the cocoa farm on Nov. 23, 2017. For more details visit our website.

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Making Craft Chocolate from Cocoa Beans - from CocoaTown
Hands on Intensive Workshop

Are you planning to start a Bean to Bar Craft Chocolate business?  Are you a chef, pastry chef, or chocolatier who sees opportunities for craft chocolate within the culinary arts?  Do you simply love to understand how your food is made or just love chocolate?   We have the workshop for you.

CocoaTown’s intensive three day, hands-on Bean to Bar workshop will cover all aspects of making chocolate starting from selecting, sorting, and roasting cocoa beans to making finished products, packaging and business processes.

 Picture of Cocoa Pod  Participants practicing CocoaTown TableTop Winnower
Participates learning about the important attributes of selecting and cleaning of coca beans Grinding experiments with CocoaTown Melanger  

Cost: $1250 per participant (group rates offered) receive a $300 credit towards the purchase of CocoaTown equipment for each paid participant.

When:  Mar, 2018
Where: 108 Oak St. Rowell Ga. 30075

For more details on the workshop and to register Click Here  



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  1. Bethany
    5 out of 5


    “Recently I attended the Bean to Bar course at Cocoa Town in Roswell, Georgia. It was a spectacular time with a great group of people and a fantastic guest teacher, Dr. Sukha. I have been producing chocolate from bean to bar for a few years now, though I am always aware that the subject of chocolate is vast, in depth, and there is always something new to learn and experience. This course exceeded my expectations.

    Dr. Sukha, from the Cocoa Research Center in Trinidad, approached the topic from a predominantly scientific perspective, providing us with a great understanding of why the properties of chocolate vary the way they do, and what lengths we can go to as Chocolate producers to have more control over the variabilities, and therefore the overall flavor of the finished product. We spoke about subjects such as Marketing and Packaging and were challenged to think outside of the box. At the end of the 3 day course, we had learned Bean to Bar production from beginning to end (practically and scientifically), and had designed packaging for our finished chocolate bar. Other highlights of the event were the aroma lab and chocolate tasting – here we had a chance to practice using our senses to the best of our abilities, and train them in how to pick up on very specific flavors and aromas.

    Anyone who has ever worked with chocolate before will know that temping is a key part of the process. You can temper chocolate perfectly 100 times, and on the 101th time it won’t work, so it is essential to know that factors which affect chocolate as you work with it. Matthew from the Cocoa Research Center taught everyone three specific types of tempering. He broke it down scientifically but also encouraged students to treat it like art, and to make a connection with the chocolate, I.e. how it should feel when you stir it, and how it should look when it’s ready.

    Dr. Balu from Cocoa Town also shared his knowledge on Bean to Bar production, and showed us how to properly use and upkeep the Chocolate Making machinery. Mrs. Andal from Cocoa Town gave us great insight into what life is like for Cocoa Farmers, and emphasized responsibilities and opportunities we have as Bean to Bar Chocolatiers at home and abroad.

    There were attendees who had never created chocolate form the bean before, and others who had. There were Cocoa Plantation owners, Chocolatiers, as well as aspiring Chocolatiers. This course is suitable for people with little chocolate experience to those who are well versed in the subject. It was a great course, and I would highly recommend it to anyone within the field, or looking to become a Chocolatier.

    Thanks to Cocoa Town and Dr. Sukha for a great opportunity!”

    -Bethany, Cocoa Academic

    • Alexandra Thomas


      Thank you Bethany.

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